The Canvas Project

A huge THANK YOU to The Brooklyn Art Library for creating the wonderful Canvas Project, exhibition, book & art exchange that’s taken over a year to complete.

Canvas Project - suzi poland 1.jpg

If you didn't participate let me explain ...

Firstly The Sketchbook Project asked their followers for a bunch of words that they thought difficult to illustrate, then they put a call out to artists to participate.

They then sent each of us a word, with a small canvas in a sweet little box.

Canvas Project - suzi poland 2.jpg

Each artist then illustrated the word and sent it back to the Brooklyn Art Library

Canvas Project - suzi poland 3.jpg

My word was #catacombs and I received #nacarat by @acevedostudio 

Canvas Project - suzi poland 6.jpg
Canvas Project - suzi poland 4.JPG

I can't imagine how much work everyone has put in, but it's been a super fun project to be part of.

If you participated please let me know your word and I'll look it up.